Progetti Europei

EC – DG Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities
“European co-operation and learning to implement transport solution to combat exclusion”.

Ministero dell’Educazione Austriaca.
“Gender Sensitive Governance in the field of Transport and Mobility”.

Collaborazione per l’attività di diffusione della Ricerca Europea e formazione relativa a bandi e strumenti di Finanziamento Europei.

LIFE Programme – EC– DG Environment
C-DISPATCH “Clean-Distribution of goods in Specimen Areas at the last mile of the intermodal Transport CHain”.

“Processes and software tools for analysis and simulation of the development of cities into the future” – STELLA “Sustainable Transport in Europe and Links and Liaison with America” – PROVIDER “Implementing European on line services for mobility education to save energy” – TAPESTRY “Travel Awareness Publicity and Education Supporting a Sustainable Transport Strategy in Europe” – MOST “Mobility Management Strategies for the Next Decades – SENSOR “Secondary Road Network Traffic Management Strategies – Handbook for Data Collection, Communication and Organisation” – MAX-SUCCESS “Successful Travel Awareness Campaign and Mobility Management Strategies” – MIRACLES (Iniziativa Europea CIVITAS) “Multi Initiative for Rationalised Accessibility and Clean Liveable Environment” – IMPROVERAIL “Improved Tools for Railway capacity and access Management” – PRISMATICA “Pro-active Integrated Systems for Security Management by Technological, Institutional and Communication Assistance”.

MOSCA “Decision Support System for Integrated Door-to-Door Delivery: Planning and Control in Logistic Chains” – SIRTAKI “Safety Improvement in Road & Rail Tunnels using Advanced ICT and knowledge intensive dss”.